Improve Your Short Term Memory

The short term memory is responsible for remembering and being able to recall short phone numbers and lists for a short period of time. Short term memory is useful for recalling a certain phone number until you have a chance to write it down and can help the person to recall certain lists and number for up to one minute. If this information is asked to recall later, in most cases, the individual will be unable to recall the information which has been learned.

In most cases, a person is able to recall up to seven things at one time in the short term memory. More than seven things can cause the individual to start forgetting concepts and ideas which are on the list. These techniques have been developed by researchers and have been proven techniques that can increase the capabilities of the short term memory.

There are many techniques which can be used to improve the short term memory, these include:

Repetition is an effective way to remember items or numbers for a short term. There is one important of repetition that must be adhered to – it must be the only thing that is being focused on. You should be able to recall the information longer if the list is repeated verbally.

Play Games that Improve Memory
Playing certain games that have the ability to remove your memory is an effective way to improve the short term memory. Playing games allow the individual to learn to organize information within the brain and therefore can improve the short term memory of the individual.

Associate the Memory with an Image
Learning to associate the memory with an image is an effective way to increase the memory capabilities, especially of short term memory. Associating these images with the memory that must be recalled can help and serve as a reminder for the short term memory.

Change Your Diet
There are certain vitamins and nutrients that are associated with increasing the capabilities of the short term memory. These changes in the diet include increasing the vitamin B that is being consumed, as well as the folate or folic acid. Taking supplements can assist in increasing the capabilities of the short term memory. Eating a diet that is rich in antioxidant foods and a diet that contains a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients is one of the most effective ways to increase the potential of memory.

Not only can these supplements increase the capability of the short term memory but they can also reduce the chances that short term memory will be affected by factors like age.

Get Adequate Amounts of Sleep
Sleep is an essential part of memory and of maintaining the health of the memory and the brain. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night is an essential part of resting the brain and allowing for the best possible way to retain information that has been committed to the memory.

Sleeping is an effective way to ensure that all of the cells within the body are healthy – especially the cells of the brain that are important in the development and retention of memories, long and short term.

These methods can be used to improve the short term memory and won’t leave you having to make excuses for the inability to remember a phone number that was given to you only seconds before. This way, you can avoid the embarrassing phone call to get the number or information, again.

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