How to Memorize

Learning to memorize does not come naturally to most people. Therefore, processes that are designed to promote the memory can assist us in creating new pathways in the brain that can be used to increase the potential for memory. There are many things that need to be memorized on a daily basis from lines for a play, to a grocery list to things that must be studied to prepare for a test at school.

Here is the simplest technique that can be used when trying to memorize something:

  • When trying to memorize something, first determine what it is that must be memorized and take the time to write down the items. The process of writing down the items is an essential way to commit these aspects to memory. Use short sentences and underline or highlight the key words that are to be remembered.
  • Next, have these items on a piece of paper and be ready to commit these to memory. It takes a quiet environment with no distractions in order to commit these terms to memory.
  • Use the three step memory technique to commit the item to memory. Use the technique to read the word, read the words or the item out loud and then read the items or the sentence without actually looking at the page. This will enable you to commit it to memory for visual, as well as auditory learners.
  • Ensure that you are well rested through the learning process to ensure that the list has been committed to memory.
  • Use this process to learn everything that you must on the list and commit these to memory, use this to learn each item on the list by gradually adding new items which must be learned to the list.
By using the above, it can be simple to remember everything that you need to, regardless of which type of learner that you are. Saying the words aloud while writing the words and reading the words covers all of the bases whether you are an auditory learner, a visual learner or a tactile learner and is an effective way to learn everything that you need to.

Another technique that is used to memorize a large amount of information is flash cards, which uses the repetition technique of memorizing. It allows the individual to use flash cards which can outline terms or concepts which must be learned in a short while. Taking five to fifteen minutes per day to review these concepts is an effective way to commit the information to memory through the process of repetition and viewing the concepts over and over again until the information has been retained.

Repetition is an effective way that servers take orders without having to write down the information. Did you ever notice that a server repeats orders back to the person that is completing the order? The reason for this is that the individual can remember the order better once they repeat it, while associating it with the customer that is sitting at the table. This is only one of the many ways that repetition is used to commit something to memory.

Using these two tried and true techniques you can learn and memorize anything from lines from a play to complex equations which must be remembered for a class even a list from the grocery store or how to take an order at a restaurant without having to write it down. Therefore, learning to use these techniques in everyday life can be an effective way to increase your memory power and memorize everything that you need to.

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