How to Improve your Memory

Improving your memory is a process that often begins from the inside, out! Therefore, beginning from the inside of the body means training your brain and ensuring that there is enough fuel and the body is well rested enough to retain the memories which are required, such as phone numbers, grocery lists and other types of schedules, even small errands.

Improving the memory is an essential part of increasing the health of the brain. There have been multiple studies shown that the effectiveness of the memory and completing exercises that can promote this healthy memory can determine the health which is associated with aging and can also reduce the chances of diseases which affect the brain later in life as we age.

Improving the memory can come from healthy habits that are created on a daily basis. Ensuring that you get enough sleep, as well as enough water within the diet is an effective way to reduce dehydration, which has shown can affect memory. As well, getting enough sleep means that the brain can be healthy and process the information which was learned through the day. Research has demonstrated that sleep is an essential form of memory formation and a proper schedule should be adhered to by getting between seven to nine hours per night to be in the best form.

There are many supplements which are used to promote a healthy memory and increase the likelihood of the brain to recall information which has been learned. Certain supplements like Vitamin B and folic acid have been shown to increase the capabilities of the short term memories and other supplements like Omega fatty acids have demonstrated the ability to increase the potential of the long term memory. For this reason, it can be essential to ensure that you are following a well balanced diet especially if you have been forgetful lately!

Reduce Stress
Reduce the stress that you are experiencing. Multiple studies have shown that the stress that we face can greatly decrease the ability of our minds to remember, even the smallest amounts of information. The reasoning behind these studies is the fact that stress can decrease the focus and when the focus is decreased from memorizing, it can lead to the depletion of the memory. Stress takes over the brain and should be avoided in order to maintain a good memory.

Improving the memory, like any other skill or talent may require practice. There are very few people that are born with the capability to remember large amounts of information that have been presented to them. This means that exercises and tools need to be used for the rest of us that may have trouble remembering certain items that are on the grocery list, unless the list is right in front of us at the time that we are shopping. Shaping your brain to remember information is an essential part of having a healthy mind. Be sure to play memory games and work your brain each day by challenging yourself to learn new information to make the most of the memory process.

Write it Down
Writing something down or writing about something is an effective way to improve the memory. This is because you are engaging the majority of the senses in the process of committing the concept the memory. When we write something down it is an effective way to commit the concept to memory and also provides with a tool that can be used to learn the memory again by reviewing and looking back on the learning experience. Did you know that when you write something down you can create a blood flow to the brain which helps to recall the memory in the future and commit the information to long term memory? The next time that you are trying to remember something, simply grab a pen and get started!

Ginkgo Bilboa
Ginkgo biloba is one of the most effective herbs that have been shown to increase the potential for memory. This can be used for long term or short term memory and has even been proven to have the power to reduce memory loss in the future while reverting memory-loss that has occurred in the recent past. Gingko biloba also has the ability to increase the mood and when the mood is increased while learning something, studies have shown that this information is retained within the brain.

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